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The East Africa Ship Registry [EASR] is under the Jurisdiction of Uganda and is a neutral flag.

The Register is administered & operated from the Republic of Ireland in all respects.

Operating under a neutral flag is a major benefit for owners in times of political tensions, which can lead to interference with commercial operations for some flags through actions such as sanctions or trade embargos.

Ship-owners do not need to have Ugandan companies to own ships on the Register. Ships can be owned by a company formed anywhere in the World as long as each ship is represented by a party nominated by the EASR to irrevocably accept service of legal papers; which is the Maritime Representation Co domiciled in Ireland.

No taxation is payable in Ireland by ship-owners that do not have earnings within Ireland.

Mortgages in other languages need only an English language extract to comply with EASR requirements.

We operate a round-the-clock 24/7 administration operation for registry applications and processing as well as being available for queries and general assistance.

EASR is fully web enabled, which means that clients can access the service from anywhere with Internet access.

We guarantee complete, highly secure confidentiality, which is a fundamental need for ship owners.