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Survey and Inspection

The East Africa Ship Register [EASR] aspires to the highest standards of international maritime conventions and governing/monitoring bodies, such as the Paris MOU White List, as well as Port State Control authorities. The back office administrative process and systems adhere to the quality guidelines of ISO 9001:2008 so as to consistently deliver a global service that meets the requirements of clients as well as relevant regulatory and statutory requirements. Our Merchant Shipping Act now being considered by parliament is based on Singapore & British legislation.


The EASR operates in a single mode. That is a commitment to excellence in all aspects of its operations, from carefully monitoring the quality, safety and general standards of all ships that apply to join, right through to a process of Continuous Service Improvement across all of its administrative and statutory functions.

Ship-owners can rest assured that the East Africa Ship Register provides a prompt and attentive service which represents a real and dependable maritime support and information asset for their affairs.

The Technical Department of the EASR administers the critical function of organising surveys and inspections, which is a key activity that underpins this commitment to excellence. It is equally important when assessing a new applicant to the register as it is on an ongoing basis while the registerís ships are in service.